This is the time of year when people ask what new risks to expect.  Brexit and Donald Trump are getting a lot of attention and both may cause problems or opportunities for each of us.

I have written about Brexit previously and will not repeat at length what I said then.  You may wish to refresh you memory by going to


The biggest problem with both Brexit and Trump is uncertainty.

Few politicians have been elected with less of a manifesto, a programme or even a consistent philosophy than Donald Trump.

Regarding Brexit, I agree with Paddy Ashdown that we have voted for a departure but there is no consensus as to our destination.

Uncertainty is bad for business, so it is no surprise that the crystal-ball gazers, or economic forecasters as they are sometimes called, are having a wonderful time.

What can I add to the discussion?  Very little, in one sense.  What I can say is that we must not let these two big uncertainties divert our attention from all the known risks.  Why not carry out a review of the risks you can identify in your business and of the control measures in place.

Risk Dice

Do not be so worried about things you cannot control that you fail to deal with the ones you can.  

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