Firstly, President Macron is not Scottish

Those who thought his name was MacRon were wrong.

The Scottish Saltire: not the flag for Emmanuel Macron

The Scottish Saltire: not the flag for Emmanuel Macron

And, by the way, former president Obama is not of Irish descent. Not O’Bama. He had enough trouble proving he’s an American,¬†although he is possibly the first US president not to claim Irish ancestry.

What’s Jupiter got do do with M Macron?

In an interview with Andrew Marr, the French president said people had likened him to Jupiter, and he apparently accepted the comparison as reasonable. Not everyone in Britain is familiar with Jupiter. Many people know it is the name of a planet, but not everyone knows that, like many planets, it was named after a Roman god.

Does M Macron think he’s God?

No! I think that is the point. Jupiter was the chief of the gods, but his powers were limited. Not only did he have trouble keeping the other gods in order, but also, like all the gods, he had only limited power over humans. He was very different from an omnipotent creator, such as the deity of Christians, Jews and Moslems. (Let’s not argue right now as to whether those are all the same.)

What’s M Macron’s identity got to do with you and me?

I think the president was saying that he could lead but not dictate. He does NOT think he is God Almighty, just ‘first among equals’. Do you try to manage or dictate? We all need to have realistic ideas about who we are and what we can do. Is it time to review your management style?