Prince Charles has got into a lot of trouble for likening Mr Putin to Adolf Hitler.

Lets be clear.  He did not accuse Putin of genocide or anti-semitism.  It was in the context of someone from Poland talking about Hitler’s attempts at taking over Eastern Europe, which led to the Second World War.  The the Russians took over from them at the end of the War, and the countries of Eastern Europe gained their freedom only in the 1990’s after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Charles’ remark was to the effect that what happened in the past is similar to what Mr Putin is trying to do now.  He is probably right.

Of course Mr Putin is upset.  Firstly at anyone pointing out an uncomfortable truth and secondly at being reminded that in Britain people have the freedom to speak their minds.  Unlike Russia!  And I notice that in the Eastern Ukraine those who oppose a Russian takeover are quickly shouted down or intimidated. Like in Nazi Germany.

I am glad the Prince of Wales is allowed to say things that others may not like, as such a freedom is something he and I share. I hope you are with us and not with Mr Putin.