Reading is good for you

Reading is good for your mind and your soul. It can benefit your finances and your body if you apply the lessons correctly, as I should. I hope you didn’t stop learning when you left school or college. There is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom out there in books, both paper and e-books. You may think that you benefit most from reading nonfiction. I certainly hope people benefit from reading the nonfiction I have written. However, fiction can also benefit you by making you aware of people, places, situations outside your experience. It can cover social issues in ways nonfiction often cannot.

Politicians do a lot of reading

Unfortunately, they have to do so much official reading they often have little time for fiction or even broader nonfiction. On the other hand, most of them have read a lot before they go into politics. The PM studied classics and has probably done a lot of research for some of the books he has written. Martin Luther, on the other hand, said too many people in his day studied classics, especially Aristotle, rather than the Bible. He pointed out that classical writers viewed the world from a non-Christian and often self-centred perspective.

What reading do I recommend for the PM?

The book I always recommend to everyone is the one I mentioned above, the Bible. It contains a vast wealth of truth and wisdom. In addition, for someone who has limited time for books, I suggest three of my non-fiction works which I have advocated in recent blogs.

Load the Dice deals with managing risks. See my blog of 21 July.

Be victorious! has several useful life lessons, including learn from your mistakes. See my blog of 23 July.

How to avoid being misled by statistics does what you might expect and is an antidote to being duped or to bandying figures around indiscriminately. See my blog of 30 July.

If he wanted some fiction he could try DOWN a whodunnit set in the Winter of Discontent 1978/9 where institutional racism rears its head. I blogged about that on another site.

What reading to you choose for the PM?

Would you send him one of my books or all of them? Would you rather recommend something else? Perhaps you would prefer to read them yourself before you make your mind up?

Load The Dice: A Simple Guide To Managing Risks In Small Businesses

Be Victorious!: Lessons from World War I for Business and Everyday Life.

How To Avoid Being Misled By Statistics: Don't Be One Of The 60% Who Are Below Average