Blame-game and end-game

The blame-game is coming! As we near the end of the Brexit process – well this phase of it – whatever the outcome, some of us are going to be disappointed. Inevitably, things will not be as good as people hoped. If there is a World recession things will be a lot worse than we all hoped.

  • Remainers, and not only them, will blame leaving the EU for all our ills.
  • Brexiters will blame everything on the EU and on remainers if they possibly can, even if they get what they demand.
  • Lots of people will probably blame Mrs May for failing to prepare sufficiently for a no-deal outcome, whether or not any preparations could be sufficient.
  • If we get a deal of any sort, Brexiters will blame the deal.

Why does the blame-game matter?

  1. The blame-game will keep divisions and hostility alive instead of letting them heal.
  2. It will divert attention from trying to solve the problems. We should ask, “What do we do now?” not “Who’s to blame?”

Do you play the blame-game?

I don’t mean just in your politics. I’m talking about your business and the rest of your life. (You do have one, don’t you?) Some people always play the blame-game when anything goes wrong in business or in life. Just like in politics it has two harmful effects:

  1. It makes for poor relationships
  2. It diverts attention from solving the real problems.

Hear about the blame-game in the past?

I included a chapter on this in my book Be Victorious! Lessons from World War I for Business and Everyday life .

The generals and politicians wasted effort blaming all the wrong people for the failures that occurred instead of looking for the real lessons. Don’t be like them.