It is not too late to look at predictions for the new year.

I have written about my predictions for the risks to watch for in the coming year. These included the cyber risk, Brexit, the supply chain and climate change. Many others have offered their views. I am pleased that I am not unique in my opinions and I was particularly interested in an article in Time magazine on 15 January by Ian Bremmer. He gives a longer list than mine. Have I missed something?

What’s in the Time list of predictions?

I will not reproduce the article here, but I list the main points.

  1. China’s rising power
  2. World/regional conflicts escalating
  3. The tech cold war
  4. Mexico’s forthcoming election
  5. US – Iran relations
  6. Public loss of confidence in major institutions
  7. Protectionism
  8. Brexit and the Conservative Party
  9. Nationalism in South Asia
  10. Instability in many parts of Africa

I do not disagree with Ian Bremer very much on his assessments.

I don’t remember where Donald Trump fitted into any of the risks listed, but I’m sure he’ll play a part in influencing them.

Why are Time’s predictions different from mine?

The Time article looks at global risks, whilst I tried to concentrate on ones you and I need to be most aware of. I did not mention risks which we cannot control or do much to mitigate but I advise you to think what you can do to prepare for the risks that are most relevant to your business. Some things, regrettably, we have to leave up to the Government!

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