Your view of the risks posed by the forthcoming election will presumably depend on which party you support.

The risks for the opposition.

For Labour, there is the risk of obliteration. You might think there are worse scenarios! However, a healthy opposition is an important factor in making a healthy government.

The risks for Brexit.

But regardless of the usual party matters, the big issue will be Brexit. 

The big risk that I can see is that the election could return a lot of new MP’s who are hard-brexiters. Off-the-cliff types. They could do a lot of damage. Some actually want us to leave the EU now, with no deal.

There has been talk in some of the tabloids of a bonfire of regulations. The ones the EU has imposed on us.

What’s wrong with that?

Not only are a lot of them good in themselves:

  • Health & Safety
  • Human Rights
  • Equalities
  • The Environment
  • Workers rights
  • Product standardization (this does not include bananas – that was fake news).

BUT even if you think we could do without some of these, we will need to comply if we are to continue trading with the EU post-brexit. Of course, some of the extremists don’t want any dealings with the EU. Our future lies with Saudi Arabia and China, so no worries?

The risk of bad government.

This other risk is that of a large majority. It has been said that governments of all parties tend to behave less responsibly when they have large majorities. They don’t listen.

The plus side.

There are usually opportunities as well as risks. That is true here.

  •  A victory for Theresa May could strengthen her position at home and abroad, making for more certainty.
  • Getting the election out of the way could enable the government to concentrate on Brexit without worrying about the next election.
  • But then there’s Scotland!