What hidden agenda?

I have written before about the risks of Brexit, especially a hard Brexit. I have not mentioned so far the risks arising from a hidden agenda. To be fair, some hard-Brexiters have been pretty open all along about their plans for a post-Brexit Britain, although others have not. However, the arguments around Brexit itself have largely drowned out almost everything else.  Even the more honest hard-Brexiters (!) have kept their longer-term plans in the background, to say the least.

Who has a hidden agenda and why?

Many people don’t seem to have noticed that the hard-Brexiters are almost all on the right wing of the Conservative Party. Then there are the UKIP-ers who are mostly further right still. I know there are left-wing politicians who are in favour of Brexit, even a hard Brexit, but they are the exceptions. It is likely that many people who want Britain to leave the EU would be unhappy if they realised where we would be going after that, if the right-wingers had their way.  Brexit could be an opportunity for the right wing to take over the Conservative Party and then the country.

What’s on the hidden agenda?

The right wingers believe in reducing regulations of all kinds.

  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Planning
  • Data protection
  • Employees rights
  • Human rights
  • Health and Safety

Many of these came about because British governments took the initiative before Europe took action.  Naturally, there are others where the EU imposed the will of the rest of Europe on Britain. That’s what it is to be part of a group. However, once we are out of the EU, it will be easier for British governments to start axing regulations.

What else is on this agenda?

Right-wingers everywhere believe in cutting taxes, especially on incomes and profits, and cutting public expenditure. Yes! There are people who think we need more austerity. Seriously.

Shouldn’t businessmen like that?  We could undercut foreign competition. Yes and no! Some do want to see cuts in taxes, in regulations and in public spending, but others are concerned about infrastructure and the need for a well-educated workforce. They also think business prospers in line with general prosperity. Sales require customers with money to spend.

Who has a hidden agenda close to you?

Who do you negotiate with, or have dealings with? Your clients? Suppliers? The unions? Are you letting them direct your attention to one issue, while planning to ambush you with something else? Try to find out what they really want and why.

Remember, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.


Masks. Who has a hidden agenda near you?

Masks. Who has a hidden agenda near you?