I have recently linked up with Metanoia Business Services (www.metanoia-business-services.co.uk) to gain the training and support they can offer me in providing risk management advice on the risks associated with Data Protection. These include the regulatory and reputational risks. Fortunately for me the services they, and I, offer are not primarily about IT, because most data breaches are caused by human beings, but IT managers and service providers are included in the category of people who need to be aware of how the the regulations and the risks affect them, and how they can protect themselves and their clients and colleagues.

We are putting on at least two seminars. The first is on Friday 7th March at the Warrington Business Centre and is aimed at a small number of people who will want to become involved as business partners so they can offer these services to their clients. The second will probably be in April and will be aimed at potential clients.

Watch for more information. Or give me a ring on 01925 445215 or send me an e-mail at john@jhmriskmanagementservices.co.uk if you can’t wait.