What is implementation?

I have written about creativity in business and looked at six of the seven phases. Now it’s time to consider implementation. This is when you go live. In the case of a novelist, it is when you publish.

Are you ready for implementation?

It sounds simple. You know it won’t be. Make sure you have gone through all the other six phases properly and acted on all the lessons you have learnt on the way, especially Phase Six – Monitoring and review.

Is implementation the end of the process?

Yes and no!  Don’t stop monitoring and reviewing and don’t be afraid to change anything in the light of new information, even after you have gone live. If problems appear, that you hadn’t come across in the pilot, don’t ignore them. Now it’s time to get on with your next project. Hopefully you have always got a few at different stages. Creativity need not end just because you’ve finished one project. I’m always working on my next book.

An early author writing his manuscript.

An early author writing his manuscript.

If you want more on creativity in business go to James Taylor’s website. I learnt a lot from him.