Am I the only one who thinks this issue is being blown up out of proportion?

So Scottish MPs can vote on matters affecting only England and/or Wales.  Does it matter?  Is there any evidence anyone is worse off because of it?  Surely MPs are elected not only to serve their constituencies, but also to play a part in the governing of the UK as a whole.

If we are to limit the powers of Scottish MPs because of some kind of fear they cannot act fairly or have no right to do so, when dealing with English/Welsh issues, we are on a slippery slope.  What about limiting the right of Birmingham’s MPs to legislate on fisheries policy?  Or those with rural constituencies from voting on urban regeneration?  Does anyone not remember the arguments over foxhunting, when the Countryside Alliance tried to argued that we townies had no right to interfere in things we did not understand, i.e. rural pursuits? And what right have MSPs from Glasgow or Dundee got when it comes to matters only affecting the Highlands and especially the Islands?

Nothing I have said contradicts the case for more devolution in England, nor addresses the concern that many people in the North of England have about being governed by the Conservatives when Tory voters are an endangered species in many places, but focusing on the Midlothian Question is a distraction from the real issues.