For some time now, we have been hearing how vulnerable cyclists and motorcyclists are on the road, and how easy it is for motorists to fail to notice them or anyway to take appropriate action to avoid them.  I entirely agree with the aims of this campaign.  I need to remind myself from time to time to look out for cyclists and motorcyclists when I am driving.

What about the other side of the coin?  When I am a pedestrian I often have near-misses with cyclists on pavements, footpaths and in pedestrianised areas.  They tend to come from behind without warning.  They tend to be silent.  They do not seem to make any allowance for a pedestrian turning unexpectedly into their path.

I am old enough to remember when a bike always had to have  a bell or hooter.  A simple, cheap and effective way of alerting pedestrians to their approach. Good Risk Management.  When did this go out of fashion?  Why?

Can we have a campaign to remind cyclists to “think pedestrian”?