As we are all getting lots of messages from politicians and others about the election in May, it is not surprising that most of the attention is being paid to the national scene.  After all, the make-up of the next Parliament and therefore of the Government, will make a big difference to many things.

However, let us not get so focussed on that as to overlook the local scene.  Remember that county, borough, district, unitary and parish councils are also coming up for election at the same time.  Not to mention the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament.

This could be a great opportunity to take a long hard look at your local council(s) and ask whether a change of ruling party would be a good thing. Or not, in some cases, of course.

Parties apart, what about individuals?  How have your local ward councillors been performing?  Are they working for the community or for their friends or favourites?  Are they honest or is there that nasty smell of sleaze?  Do they do anything other than collect their allowances?  How about letting in some fresh air?

Do not miss this opportunity to make your vote count at home as well as in Westminster.