When you heard of the EU Referendum result, did you think that it was the end, for good or ill?  If so you were quite wrong.  We are still in the EU until the negotiations are over.  It will involve a process which is expected to take two years.

People who hoped or feared that we would be outside the EU immediately will be in for a shock, or relief.  A lot will not change yet.

  • Borders will remain open.
  • We will still be in the free market.
  • EU laws will still apply.

There are lots of new risks but also new opportunities.  Which ones materialise will depend on what we do next.  Here are some of the issues.

Negotiating a trade deal with the EU.

  • Will that include the free movement of people? Students?
  • Who will be allowed to fish in whose waters?
  • Will there be any tariffs?
  • Will there still be cooperation in science and technology?

How will we spend the billions we will not be paying into the EU Budget?

  • Will projects currently funded by the EU be cut?
  • Will agriculture still be subsidised?
  • Will there be big tax cuts?
  • Will the Debt be cleared sooner?

Which EU laws, or laws introduced to comply with the EU, we are to abolish, which to keep and which to amend.

  • Health & Safety
  • Workers’ rights
  • Environmental protection

Border controls: what arrangements will there be?

Issues within the UK and with the rest of the world.

  • Scotland: another referendum?
  • Northern Ireland: new border controls?
  • Trade deals with the USA, China, and other nations.

Finally someone has to choose a new Prime Minister to sort all this out.

So we must be ready to look for new opportunities while being prepared for new risks.  I hope that is also how you manage your business.

This is not the end.