This government has declared Freedom Day!

This government has lifted almost all covid restrictions, but they have advised people to act sensibly regarding masks and social distancing. Meanwhile, they are keeping rules about self isolation and restrictions on foreign travel. They might or might not introduce Covid passports for nightclubs and possibly other venues in September. Or sometime.

This government is taking risks

With infection rates rising, they are taking risks with the NHS and with people’s lives. Of course, you can’t live in a risk-free world, but you can manage the risks. A slower relaxation of rules, keeping masks and social distancing would be one way. Another would be the introduction of covid passports for venues where such distancing would be impractical.

This government creates uncertainty.

Businesses cry out for certainty so as to make sensible plans which benefit themselves and their customers. Remember Brexit? Glad we ‘got that done’ – as they wish in Northern Ireland. Policy changes are inevitable because circumstances,  such as infection rates, change. However, experts have predicted most of the issues and the government could have been made contingency plans and made them public. They could have applied them consistently, but they have frequently created more uncertainty when different ministers have given different advice or even offered different interpretations of the law.  Confusion does not encourage compliance.

This government needs some advice

They need someone who understands risk management. Or management. Or government. Among all the consultants and special advisors, not to mention civil servants and research assistants they employ, could not one be found who could show them how to manage risk and reduce uncertainty?

I recommend my book Load the Dice. The return on the investment would be huge! Of course, the government might not be alone in needing to learn about managing risks. Perhaps you should buy a copy. I expect it would pay for itself very quickly. I also suggest they – and perhaps you – should read a blog post of mine on planning rather than reacting. That’s one aspect of risk management – and government.

The cover of Load The Dice: A Simple Guide To Managing Risks In Small Businesses, a book this government needs.

A book this government needs.