Are you too busy to review anything right now?

You can’t review anything when Christmas is coming, with rush orders, last-minute jobs, staff holidays. Perhaps you have to do year end accounts. Anything else? Apart from that, you want to enjoy the Festive Season with family or friends, or to spend time alone. Anyway, you want to get away from work for a bit, and I hope you will.

Will you start 2019 with a review?

What have you planned for January? If it is ‘nothing’, will you just be reacting to whatever crops up? You might think you don’t need plans, because you just get on with business as usual. That’s not always a bad thing, but that’s working IN the business. When do you work ON the business?

Why review your business?

Working ON the business means taking time out to ask questions such as:

  • What went well last year?
  • How can it go even better next year?
  • Were there mistakes?
  • Will you learn from them?
  • What new products or services do you aim to introduce?
  • What could you do differently?
  • Are you interested in efficiency, economy or effectiveness? See my article on the difference.
  • How can you reduce costs or improve the product or service?
  • How can you increase sales?

When you’ve answered all those, it’s time to look at Risk Management.

A man with a magnifying glass. Trying to review his business?

A man with a magnifying glass. Trying to review his business?

How do you review Risk Management?
  • Do you have a Risk Management process in your business?
  • Are the risks the same now as last year? What about next year?
  • Will the control measures in place be appropriate in future? Are any unnecessary or do you need any new ones?
  • Reading my book, Load The Dice, could be a good start.
Load The Dice: A simple guide to managing risks in small businesses by [Murray, John Harvey]
Who will do the review?
  • The business owner or general manager needs to be the primary reviewer, but others may need to get involved.
  • At some stage you might need some input from an independent person, but they can’t be allowed to take over, unless they’re going to take over the business.
  • If you want to chat about it, you know where to find me.
When are you going to do your review?

Some people find the time between Christmas and New Year is best, when there’s often a bit of quiet, unless you’re diving into the January Sales, starting Boxing Day.

Otherwise, try to set time aside in January, before you find circumstances taking over. Put yourself in charge.

What will I review in my own life?

I will review my pricing strategy, and the way I spend my time on different projects. I also hope to review some of my books, such as Load The Dice, because I may be producing updated versions.