You don’t want to waste money, do you? Perhaps you think Risk Management is one way you are not wasting any, especially if you are not using the services of a Risk Management consultant. Of course, you could be right, but, before you pat yourself on the back, just ask yourself how much you are spending on managing risks now. It might be more than you think. It will not be Nil.

Show me the money!

Here’s an article that may help you see how much risk management is costing you now. You could be in for a surprise, or several.

Yes, you could be spending more than you need on managing the risks in your business. A lot of people are.


Am I cheap or just economical?

You can actually more money than you spend on my fee and I will help you get the best value for money from everything you are spending on managing risks, by targeting that expenditure more effectively.

Is there a guarantee?

  • I will guarantee to carry out whatever programme we agree.
  • I will guarantee commitment and confidentiality.
  • I will guarantee that there will be no hidden charges.
  • I will guarantee that I will work within the timeframe we agree.

However, I cannot guarantee savings, until I have studied your business. If I could, I would call my business, JHM Certainty Management.

So I have to ask you to take a risk. Get in touch. I guarantee that the initial consultation will cost you NOTHING. That really is a certainty!