I am no ornithologist and I have forgotten the name of the bird on the left. If you know please tell me. The one on the right is Hornbill.  Perhaps you know what species of Hornbill?

I have not got a picture of a Harris Hawk, but anyway I think these two are nicer to look at. I used to often see a couple of Harris Hawks belonging to someone I knew. I was impressed with their intelligence and character as well as their aerobatic abilities. The thing I found particularly interesting about them, however, was that they are as far as I know the only birds to hunt in groups. Sometimes one will land and chase the intended prey along the ground so as to flush it out for the others to catch!

They say humans got to being the top predator on Earth by our ability to co-operate.  You would think we knew how to do it by now. Don;t get me started on politics!  I just want us to think about management and especially risk management.  Collaborative enterprises are very much encouraged these days, and some are successful, but all too often we fail to agree on who is responsible for what, and as soon as anything goes wrong all co=operation flies out of the window like a bird. We need to be able to manage our own risks and someone needs to manage those of the partnership. We also need to be certain as to how our partner organisation manages its risks. Preferably before something goes wrong.

We could do worse than study the Harris Hawk. Perhaps I could take up ornithology.