Some people do not understand what I, or other risk management consultants, do, or what benefit their might be to engaging such services.  Here are some of the Risk Management services I offer, in addition to feedback arising from claims-handling. I would expect other risk management professionals to offer a similar range. However, as each client is in a unique situation, the aim is to provide whatever services are needed and relevant, not to offer a standard solution. As Dan Quayle once said: “Solutions are not the answer”. Therefore the services listed here are merely indications and should not be looked upon as a set “menu”.

  • Reviews of Policies and Procedures
  • Policy Statements
  • Risk Registers
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Assessments
  • Tenders
  • Loans and Grants
  • Training

The time taken, and therefore the cost, will depend on the nature and size of the business as well as on the services chosen, but the initial consultation is always free (at least in my case) so why not contact me? 

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