Magna Carta will be commemorated in various ways this year, its eighth centenary.  Most of the emphasis will be about its political and legal implications.  And so it should be.  However, for those of us in business it has another significance.

It was the beginning of “governance”.

In effect, it said that everyone, even the King, was accountable.  There were to be rules.   Written down for all to see.  There would be a means of enforcing them.

Over the centuries, those rules have multiplied and the enforcement mechanisms have become more sophisticated.  Bur everyone has to be held to account.

One manifestation of this is “Corporate Governance” in business.  We have to be able to provide evidence that our organisations are properly managed in various respects.

Management has to be held to account.

One aspect of that is Risk Management.  Businesses need to show how they ensure that the risks they face, and often create, are managed satisfactorily.

There needs to be a process, not just a one-off exercise.  Individuals have to be accountable for their roles in managing the risks in their areas of authority.

There are different rules applying to different sizes and types of organisation.

If you are not sure how all this applies to you or if you know but are not complying, or do not know how to demonstrate that you are, perhaps you should have a word with me and see how I can help.

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