In 1760 there were three big stories which were linked.

Firstly, we were in the middle of the Seven Years’ War, although they did not call it that then!  The Enemy was, as usual, France, but Spain was openly but unofficially helping France in lots of ways.  William Pitt the Elder was not Prime Minister but was the driving force in the Government and was pushing for us to declare war on Spain to stop trying to fight with one hand tied behind our back [or is it “backs”?] much like fighting ISIS in Iraq but not in Syria, as we were for some time.

Secondly, King George the Second died and was succeeded by his twenty year old grandson, George the Third who had been brought up by his father, Frederick Prince of Wales, to believe everything George II did was wrong and blamed Pitt for advising him badly.  So when Pitt asked to extend the war to Spain there was a big row ending in Pitt’s resignation and the sacking of everyone in any public office who had supported him.

The Third Big Story was that very soon after Pitt’s departure, Spain declared war on Britain.

Not only is there a lesson here for Jeremy Corbyn among others, but do you see any similar situations in your business or elsewhere in your life where you are getting into, or have got into, a conflict which could turn out to be a total waste of time as circumstances change?

Is your view of your situation too static?

That is one way to manage your risks – badly!