Sometimes a thing can be wrong because it is not right.  I have looked at some of the reasons to not like the Occult.  Now I will point out what it lacks and which Christianity offers.

  1. Social Concern. If the Church can be accused of failing at times to address social problems, it at least acknowledges them and makes an attempt.  In fact there are lots of Christian organisations all over the World working against poverty and injustice of all kinds.  Why is the Occult absent?
  2. Guilt. The only answer the Occult has to your guilt and mine is denial.  That is no help.  Christianity offers the only real answer.
  3. Forgiveness. If someone wrongs you what do you do?  The only answer from the Occult is to get even.  Put a curse on them.   Even if it “works” it is not satisfying in the long run.  Christianity offers reconciliation at the deepest level.Where Will You Go From Here?Where will you go from here?So apart from all the negative things you might like to consider, one good reason to give up the Occult is that there is something much better on offer.  Why not look into it.  What have you got to lose?