I have not blogged for some time.  This is because I have been having a bit of a sort out.

I have had this blog integrated into my website.  I hope you find it better.  It also gives me more freedom in how I use it, apparently.

I have also been trying to standardise my name and that of my business in all my social media and other internet activities.

What should be simple can get quite complicated.

My name is John Harvey Murray but I seldom use my middle name.  However sometimes the Harvey gets included, according to what questions I am asked when I sign up for something, such as Ezine Articles, so I appear to be two different people on the Web.  In the offline world, nobody has any trouble grasping the fact that I have a rarely-used middle name.  Most people find it helpful when they want to distinguish me from the other John Murrays, as there are lots and lots of John Murrays but relatively few John Harvey Murrays.   But computers and especially search engines, do not think like us. So, to avoid confusion,  I have decided to use John Harvey Murray for everything.  This also makes me more searchable, as I understand it.

OK so far?

Now for the business name.

As I am not a limited company I can call my business anything I like, so long as it does not cause confusion with another similar business of the same name.  I initially called it JHM Claims because it was simple and as I expected most of my work would be in handling liability claims.  After a while someone pointed out that I was also offering risk management services, but not making that explicit.  Also, you could say that claims handling was part of risk management but not vice versa.  So I changed the name.  It enabled me to put the risk management more in the shop window.  I never really changed what I am offering, as I always saw both sides of the business as inherently linked, but it seems not everyone does.   I therefore have tried to change my website and e-mail, as well as social media, to reflect this.


If you want to know more about either risk management or liability claims have a look at my website: www.jhmriskmanagementservices.co.uk   or give me a ring!  01925 445215