Some people have wondered why I am called a “distributor” and not an “agent” or a “representative” of the Utility Warehouse.  Why not a “salesman”?  I certainly wondered about it myself at first.  Especially as I thought a distributor was a part of a car’s engine!

The answer turns out to be quite informative.

An agent has the authority to negotiate and bind his principal, such as the Company, to an agreement he or she has made with a client.  The Utility Warehouse does not give us any such power because it does not allow haggling.  We can only show and explain the tariffs set out by the Company and work out how they apply to particular clients: no one-off special deals to undercut the competition.

I am not a salesman because I do not really “sell” anything.  Virtually everyone uses gas, electricity, telephones etc. so I am not selling any of those services, I am merely explaining what we offer, what the options are and what each option would cost.  The client makes his or her mind up based on the potential savings, or lack of them.  There is no subjective element, where the decision would be swayed by my sales-talk.   The only “sales-pitch” if any comes when I try to persuade people to have a look at what we can offer.

So I “distribute” information about our services, and then “distribute” our services to customers who choose them.

My role is also to look after the customer after he or she has signed up.  I deal with any queries or problems they may have during the transfer process and at any time after that, so as to ensure the best possible customer care.

Do contact me if you are interested.  Let me distribute some savings to you.