People sometimes ask whether my services are necessary or cost effective. Here are answers to some of the more specific questions you might be thinking about.

What if you are not be insured?

  • Employers Liability Insurance is a legal requirement if you employ anyone, but you might not have it.
  • Public Liability Insurance is only desirable and many people think they do not need it.
  • If someone brings a claim against you, you cannot just ignore it.
  • Unless you are experienced in this yourself, you will need someone to handle the claim for you.

Are my services necessary if you do have liability insurance cover?

  •  Perhaps! You may have an insurer who gives first class personalised service, making anything else superfluous, but many people find they need someone to act as go-between, to chase up their insurer, to interpret some of the letters their insurer writes to them, or to hold their insurer to account, so as to get better value for money for their premiums.
  • Most of my best work has been done working in conjunction with insurers. Cooperation rather than conflict has been my main experience.
  • Some insurers find it helpful to have someone with relevant knowledge and experience whom they can deal with on behalf of their client, especially where the client does not have the time or ability to deal with all their questions as promptly as is needed.
  • You may find some or all aspects of your claim are not covered and so your insurer is unable to help resolve it.

 Do you need a solicitor?

  • Sometimes! For certain legal processes a solicitor or barrister is required but many claims can be settled, one way or the other without a solicitor.
  • If it is necessary to engage solicitors, it will help them, and thus keep costs down, if the matter has been properly investigated and a file with all relevant information and documentation can be provided.

Why wait until you get a claim?

  • Things are likely to go much better when you get a claim if we have had at least some previous meetings where I can advise you on your procedures and agree our arrangements so we can hit the ground running: time is money when dealing with claims.
  • Also, since 2013, you have only 60 days to deal with a liability claim.  You must either have set out your defence in detail and sent it to the claimant’s solicitors, or have agreed to pay it: after that time you cannot submit any new evidence. You don’t want to lose just because you did not meet the deadline!

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