Is growth part of your business plan for this year or next?

If so, you probably think it is likely to save your business, not wreck it. You probably don’t want to hear from negative people. Neither do I, but, sadly, a lot of businesses get into trouble when they experience growth, especially if it’s rapid.

Am I saying it is better to be static?

No!  I want to see your business grow, but I want it to continue growing successfully, not to be destroyed by one of the many landmines awaiting you. By that, I mean the risks that will appear, or change, as the business changes.

I have written about the seven landmines of growth. If you want your business to grow, and thrive, I hope you will read the article and find something in it that will keep you from stepping on a landmine.


Risk Dice

Are you ready?

Ask yourself how well prepared your business is for growth. Why not have a word with me? Most people find a meeting with me is better than stepping on a landmine. And it’s free.