Now the election for Leader of the Labour Party is behind us and the Annual Conference is nearly over, I have been able to consider the risks the Party is facing and how they might apply in your business.  One risk in particular.

What is that Risk?

JHM Risk Management

I do not mean the risk of a Corbyn-led government and how it could damage your business.  I mean that all the calls for unity and the desire to ‘put our differences behind us’ sound a bit one sided.  Many people fear that this means simply that Jeremy’s critics should keep quiet and appear to support whatever he says.  It is alleged that, despite his gentle manner, Jeremy is not good at listening to people who disagree with him.  He is too good at listening to echoes of his own voice, which he takes as confirmation of his universal popularity.

What has this got to do with managing risks in your business?

One of the problems consultants encounter is that business owners and senior managers tend to hear only what they want to hear.  Or perhaps what they expect to hear.  They think loyalty and support from colleagues means unqualified agreement.  They fail to see the need for a critical friend.  That is unfortunate, since that is exactly what a Risk Management consultant should be.

Are you listening?