Plan to manage risks

Plans are an important element in all management, including risk management. You need to know what you intend to do before you can identify the risks you may incur. It helps if you keep your objectives in mind and don’t become a slave to the details of your plan. It should be your servant, not your master. I wrote about this a little while ago. Then you need to establish your risk controls to enable you to …. control the risks. I have gone into detail in two of my books: Load the Dice and Risk and Win.

Is a plan all you need?

Life does not often go to plan. You need to react to the unexpected: to think on your feet. It helps if you have a Plan B, but even so, you need to be flexible. Some people are better at planning, others at acting spontaneously.

Dice: life doesn't always go to plan

Dice: life doesn’t always go to plan

Some writers plan more than others

Some authors never write a word until they are clear as to what they are going to write. PD James was one such. Others get an idea and begin their next book, not knowing how it will turn out. Ian Rankin is one. I am somewhere in the middle.

Can you plan and react?

There are people who are good at both. Most of us tend to be one or the other. In business, it is good to have both types of manager in your team. If you know which you are, you need to have someone around who is the opposite. This applies to other aspects of personality too, but let’s not digress. Teams need to contain people with different mixes of skills. That is true whether you are managing a business, a social club, a sports team, a church or a government. Writers and other creative people often prefer to work alone. Committees do not produce great art. However, many writers and artists do work with others at certain stages of the creative process. Therefore, there is scope for having a mixed team.

What is the plan of the present government?

The only plan I was aware of before the last election was ‘Get Brexit Done’. Since then, there has been no evidence that anyone in the government knows where we are going. Things change so often. They are reacting to circumstances. Are they all reactors? Sadly, there is not much evidence that they are reacting very well to new challenges.

Back to your plan

Do you have one? Perhaps you need to work with someone who is a natural planner. What if events derail your plan? Have you a colleague who is good at reacting in a crisis? An unbalanced team is quite a risk.

Read one of my books. Load the Dice or Risk and Win. Then Manage your risks.

Load The Dice: A Simple Guide To Managing Risks In Small Businesses